If you could be any superhero, which one would you be?

Would you be Spiderman, gliding around cities and fighting bad guys?

Or, maybe Superman, saving tall buildings with your strength?

As a trader, you’d probably want to be the superhero who can see into the future, right?

Can you even imagine the power (and the earnings) that would come from KNOWING which stocks were going to rocket or tank in the next few weeks or months?

See Future In Stocks

How AWESOME would it be to have your watchlist packed with opportunity, just waiting for the change that you know is coming and flipping the switch on that trade while the sheep are still sleeping?

Since the answer is yes, you need the skill and tools that can make your superhero dream come true!!

And, with the Public Stock Fraud, you will!!

Because there’s a dirty little secret that almost no one knows, that few ever speak about, but that all of the MONSTER traders leverage every day.

The secret? Fraud.

Wait, what? Fraud?

Isn’t that where a company lies about the health of their company?


Except less than .01% of traders can spot fraud in their target companies.

But you’re probably thinking that regulators and auditors handle that stuff, so why should you bother?

And you’d be WRONG!!

First, let’s look at auditors. Frequently, the auditors come from a company that has a cozy relationship with the company that they’re auditing. How cozy? In some cases, those “audited” financials were creating by the same company that created the financials in the first place!

That’s the fox guarding the hen house, right?

Fraud In Public Stocks

But, what about the regulators?

There are two problems with regulators, maybe even 3.

First, if you work in corporate finance and your employment choice is a government job with a low salary and almost zero chance of advancement OR you can make serious cash working in corporate finance at a publically traded company or equity fund, which one would you choose?

So, there aren’t a lot of talented regulators.

Second, there also aren’t NEARLY enough regulators to cover every company who sells stock. It’s hard to pin down an exact ratio, but it’s likely somewhere around 3000 companies to 1 regulator.

So, how much scrutiny do you suppose most companies are getting?

And, the 3rd problem? If you’re a regulator and your choice is hanging out and reviewing the books of Apple in their new offices or working in some nasty warehouse where some barely-surviving biotech is working, where do you want to work?

And, in case you think that talent problem isn’t so bad, remember that those regulators completely missed Enron, WorldCom and Bernie Madoff. In fact, in each of these cases, it was an accident that led regulators to discover fraud worth BILLIONS of dollars.

That old adage about even a blind squirrel finding a nut now and then seems to fit.

And, it’s happening today!!

But, we aren’t going to have regulators teach you how to spot corporate fraud. We also won’t ask any bankers or equity guys, either. We won’t even ask graduate school finance teachers to help out.

Why not?

Because even 99.999% of these folks don’t know how to deep dive into financial statements.

Instead, you’re going to learn from someone who scares the hell out of companies.

She’s a CPA with an MBA. And, she’s a forensic accountant (think CSI crime scene tech, except with money).

Most important for you- she KNOWS how to rip into a company’s financial statements and uncover those little (or not so little) fraud pearls that make traders DROOL!!

But, you’re a trader, so how is knowing how to uncover fraud going to help you?

Revealing Fraud

Great question.

First, once you learn how to apply Tracy’s system-based approach to ripping apart a company’s financials, you’ll be able to build a watchlist and simply wait for the other shoe to drop.

Because, eventually, those blind squirrels WILL discover the fraud and all hell will break loose.

And you? You’ll flip the switch and kill the sheep as they run for the exits.

Will swing traders love this? Yes. How about short-sellers and options traders? Commodities traders? Yes, yes and more YES!!!

Or, maybe you want to develop a reputation for finding fraud and sell a newsletter with your latest bad actors?

You think other traders (and probably even those regulators) might be interested in knowing which companies are cooking the books?

Damn straight.

Analyze Fraud

Check out Andrew Left, over at citronresearch.com. He’s an analyst that pulls back the curtain on stocks being affected by fake news, hype, etc.

And he makes a TON of money.

So, in a profession where EVERYONE is looking for an edge, knowing which companies are about to see FBI and SEC agents rolling through their lobby is pretty valuable, right?

With Tracy’s lessons and a little practice, you can get comfortable and just wait for the good times to roll.

It all starts with Tracy’s eBook. This is the BIBLE for how to uncover fraud. From soup to nuts, you’ll understand what each corporate financial statement is and how to read it. GET STARTED NOW

Then, you’ll start learning how to pull those statements apart and discover when things don’t add up.

This is beyond a graduate school level education in corporate finance.

And, how much does an MBA cost these days? $50K? 100K??

Yet MBA students don’t learn this much!

But, Tracy didn’t stop with the eBook.

She’s built hours and hours of video lessons, including case studies where she shows you the steps she takes and the fraud she finds.

Those blind squirrel regulators don’t learn these strategies.

So, what would you pay for your superhero powers?

To be fair to Tracy, Public Stock Fraud should cost at LEAST as much as an MBA, right?

The eBook alone is worth at least $10K. And, with one watchlist trade, you’d pay yourself back.

But, Public Stock Fraud is new and cutting edge and you’re getting access BEFORE we launch it to the public.

Once we open the flood gates, we know we’ll be charging $197 for Public Stock Fraud.

For you with early access?

It’s only $197


And, as an early access student, you’ll automatically receive every update that Tracy makes to the program, FREE!!!

If you’re deciding if the program is worth the investment, do some simple math. Look at your last 20 trades and your average gains.

Consider how those gains would be different if you had gotten in or out earlier or later because you knew information that the sheep didn’t know. How much would those gains be, on just a few trades?

We’re betting it would be a HELL of a lot more!!